Ever since i started One Piece back in late 2010 there was something i also wanted a PS3 fighter. I played the older One Piece PS2 titles, their nothing special trust me. So finally i came home looked through my twitter app on my itouch, and saw a tweet by the One Piece Podcast pretty much saying there is a rumor about a One Piece PS3 game. I pretty much jumped with joy. I was so damn happy thinking Im finally getting a next-gen One Piece Fighter. Then.... I go to a forum and see the word "musou" which is the title attached to the end of hack n slash games -_- . Then and there I pretty much gave up hope of this being a good game. Its not that i hate hack n slash games ( I enjoyed Bleach:soul resurreccion). Its that i dont want to go around doing Gomu Gomu No pistol on a bunch of marines. I want to do it  ONE person in a ONE on ONE match. Ill admit I was pretty mad about it. Then this trailer came out.

Even though it showed exactly what i thought it would be for some reason it gave me hope that this would be a good game! Im a huge One Piece fangame so ill go ahead and import this game. There is one thing that will make me love this game almost as much a fighter VS MODE. If we get a VS mode with tons of characters then I will be jumping of joy again! So currently im not to hyped at the moment, but trust me if there is a VS mode announced I will be happy. BUT im still waiting for the day I get my next-gen One Piece Fighter!
Episode 517 marks the start of the time skip!!!! Here is the preview for it, enjoy!
If you havent watched 516 watch now at: OnePieceOfficial.com or if your not in America watch at WatchOP.com.


One Piece Volume 60 , Naruto Volume 54, Bleach Volume 38 have been listed on amazon with the price of 9.99$. so go pre-order it (though i suggest rightsuf.com since they ship it before the release date) one piece 60 with the release date of March 6, 2012. Naruto 54 with the release date of March 6, 2012. Bleach 38 with the release date of March 6, 2012. March is looking like a good month. (Theres currently no one piece 60 Cover Picture)
OP Vol 60
Naruto Vol 54
Bleach Vol 38

The market survey firm Oricon reports that the 63rd volume of Eiichiro Oda's One Piece pirate manga sold 2,119,400 copies between its first official day of sales (August 4) and August 7. It sold more copies in one week than any manga has since Oricon began reporting its book ranking charts in April of 2008. Not only did the latest One Piece volume topped the weekly manga ranking chart, but it is the third One Piece volume to sell over over 2 million copies in one week. (Volumes 60 and 61 were the first two volume to sell over 2 million in one week, but volume 62 did not, in part due to the March 11 Great Eastern Japan Earthquake disaster and people buying before the first official day of sales.) It also beat the series record for weekly sales, which volume 60 had held by selling 2,094,123 copies in its first week last November.

Volume 63 already holds a manga record for having 3.9 million copies published in its first print run.