Ever since i started One Piece back in late 2010 there was something i also wanted a PS3 fighter. I played the older One Piece PS2 titles, their nothing special trust me. So finally i came home looked through my twitter app on my itouch, and saw a tweet by the One Piece Podcast pretty much saying there is a rumor about a One Piece PS3 game. I pretty much jumped with joy. I was so damn happy thinking Im finally getting a next-gen One Piece Fighter. Then.... I go to a forum and see the word "musou" which is the title attached to the end of hack n slash games -_- . Then and there I pretty much gave up hope of this being a good game. Its not that i hate hack n slash games ( I enjoyed Bleach:soul resurreccion). Its that i dont want to go around doing Gomu Gomu No pistol on a bunch of marines. I want to do it  ONE person in a ONE on ONE match. Ill admit I was pretty mad about it. Then this trailer came out.

Even though it showed exactly what i thought it would be for some reason it gave me hope that this would be a good game! Im a huge One Piece fangame so ill go ahead and import this game. There is one thing that will make me love this game almost as much a fighter VS MODE. If we get a VS mode with tons of characters then I will be jumping of joy again! So currently im not to hyped at the moment, but trust me if there is a VS mode announced I will be happy. BUT im still waiting for the day I get my next-gen One Piece Fighter!

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